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Is it true? A lot of people say it is and the source is fairly reliable. I'll have more on with some new spoiler pics as well. The yahoo group has the latest but I'm updating now :)

Take all spoilers with a tongue in cheek approach.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: We're not free yet.

She moves towards him.

Elizabeth: You came back. I always knew you were a good man.

IN THE BOAT, Will looks up toward the railing, sees ---

ON THE DECK, ELIZABETH KISSES JACK ... Jack staggers, the kiss driving him back.

Will is shocked as they move out of his sight --

THE KISS CONTINUES, all the way to the mast of the ship.

An incredible kiss. A kiss for the ages. A kiss that has been building since the day Jack and Elizabeth met.

They break the kiss. Jack looks at Elizabeth, knowledge of his fate already in his eyes --

-- There is a 'click.' --

Jack glances down --

-- Elizabeth has manacled his wrists, chaining him to the mast.

Jack looks into her eyes, desiring her all the more, knowing her true heart is the same as his. Elizabeth can't hold his gaze.

Elizabeth: It's after you, not the ship ... not us. It's the only way. (she looks up) I'm not sorry.

Jack nods accepting the fate, the logic of what she has done. He says -- with some admiration --

Jack: Pirate.

The word stings Elizabeth.
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